Vendor Profile-QST Smoke Flavors

QST Smoke Flavors entered the liquid and dry smoke manufacturing space in 2018, becoming SQF certified in January 2019. Focusing on quality, service and trust, QST works with customers to prevent pricing inconsistency, long lead times, and poor customer service issues. Here is a deeper look at what makes QST successful.

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Expertise Where it Counts

QST’s manufacturing facility is located in Cookeville, Tennessee. They support all liquid smoke applications including drenching, atomization, direct addition, brine addition, browning, oils, and dry powder smoke products. Customers have full access to QST's team of facility and equipment engineers, operation technicians, product developers and application specialists.

QST Smoke Products

Liquid Smoke

QST liquid smoke is a natural vaporous smoke in an aqueous base. It is made from slow burning hardwood and specialty woods in order to capture the unique properties of the smoke. It is clean and more efficient than traditional smoke generators and is used to enhance the smoke color or flavor of products like traditional smoking.

Browning Agents

QST wood-derived browning agents lack smoke flavor and offer elevated browning capabilities. Created through the Maillard reaction, these products produce the typical color, taste, and flavor associated with baked foods. Unlike a caramel color, the browning is fixed, and cross-links protein reducing purge loss without adding a discernible smoke flavor.

QST's dextrose-derived browning agents work well on poultry products, and the reactive color developed during thermal processing does not fade. Additionally, these browning agents support a cleaner alternative to caramel color. This label distinction is important to today's well-informed consumer.



Smoke Powders

QST smoke powders are plated dry ingredients available for most applications. These flavors can be added to enhance the taste of nuts, chips, and other savory and salty snacks. They are also included in dry rubs and marinades to promote a smoke flavor.

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The QST Difference

QST’s shorter lead times, pricing stability, and quality customer service ensures food manufacturers and processors stay ahead of today’s trends and deliver what their end customers need when they need it.

Interested in learning more about QST? Read more here. Want to see pricing? Contact us now. Interested in being a premier vendor of JRW? Contact us today.

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