QST Smokehouse Series - Tip #5

week 5 - QST Smokehouse series

Over the next three weeks, John R. White will be featuring tips, facts, and guidance from QST Smoke Flavors to help inform, educate, and highlight important considerations during the smoking processes.

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#5 Double Smoking

Processors that have used liquid smoke realize that the benefits obtained over traditionally generated smoke can be immense. These benefits include, but are not limited to: increased product throughput, product consistency, improved color, and lower manufacturing costs. Processors that use a “Naturally Smoked” statement on their label know that, when referring to the smoking process, the term "natural" is reserved for naturally generated smoke that is piped into the smokehouse.

Tip 5-1

Is Liquid Smoke Natural?

Before we go any further, we must clarify that liquid smoke is a natural product. During the manufacture of liquid smoke, wood is heated just like it is in traditionally generated smoke. The difference is the smoke is then captured in water, concentrated, and further refined to remove harmful components.

can someone use liquid smoke and still maintain a “Natural Smoked” designation on their label?

Many processors have found that a dual smoke application works best to utilize the benefits of both naturally generated smoke and liquid smoke. Liquid smoke can be applied either through a drench before it enters the smokehouse, or during cooking through atomization. Naturally generated smoke is also applied during the cooking process. When both applications are used the product can still be labeled “Naturally Smoked”.  Through this dual process, you can realize the benefits of improved color and consistency, increased throughput and lower total cost.

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