QST Smokehouse Series - Tip #3

week 3 - QST Smokehouse series

Back from the holidays and back to our QST Smokehouse series. Over the next five weeks, John R. White will be featuring tips, facts and guidance from  QST Smoke Flavors to help inform, educate and highlight important considerations during the  smoking processes. We hope you find this helpful.

#3 Minimize Your Liquid Smoke Cost

Every meat processor wants a competitive advantage. They strive to cut costs in every department. Liquid smoke is one of those necessary components. If it could be eliminated totally, it would; however, the components in smoke are crucial to the taste, appearance and texture of your finished products. 

Tip 3

So how can you maintain your products characteristics and minimize your smoke cost?

The easiest way is to use a highly concentrated smoke. Liquid smoke with a higher proportion of crucial components will be more cost effective than less concentrated products. The cost per gallon can be significantly higher but the cost per pound to use concentrated smoke is almost always lower.

QST Ingredients has some of the most highly concentrated liquid smoke products on the market. They can help you minimize your liquid smoke cost. Contact us today for an evaluation of your system. Let us show you how we can help you with all of your smoking questions. 

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