QST Smokehouse Series - Tip #2

Week 2 - QST Smokehouse series

Over the next seven weeks, John R. White will be featuring tips, facts and guidance from  QST Smoke Flavors to help inform, educate and highlight important considerations during the  smoking processes. We hope you find this helpful.

#2 Keep your Atomization Nozzles Clean

Have you ever noticed small black spots on your product surface after atomizing in your smokehouse? Is there a large area of dark colored product on one rack and the balance of the house is lighter in color than the standard? Both of these, as well as many other color and smoke flavor issues, could be a result of inadequate cleaning of the atomization nozzles.

Smokehouse Tip 2

HOw to Clean Your Nozzles

In order to maintain product consistency, a routine procedure of atomization system cleaning is recommended.

  1. Remove the nozzles and soak them in a dilute solution of a caustic cleaner. This will loosen any dried smoke in the nozzle that could restrict liquid or air flow.
  2. Inspect the nozzle for damage.
  3. Replace it if there are cracks or nicks that may obstruct the flow.
  4. Be sure to rinse the nozzles with clean water before reinstalling them.

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