JRW Hunger Project 2018

At JRW, we know food.

We’re all about it. We are devoted to distributing the best food ingredients possible to our customers, partnered with ensuring deep trust, providing industry expertise, and delivering world class service. At JRW, not only do we know food, but we also understand the power food can have in the world, our own community, and to those affected by disasters.

On October 27, 2018, JRW had the opportunity to partner with an organization called Feeding Children Everywhere and host our second annual Hunger Project.

What is a Hunger Project you ask?

A Hunger Project is an organized meal packaging event. In separate teams, volunteers form assembly lines, filling bag after bag with first lentils, then white rice, dehydrated vegetables, and finally pink Himalayan salt to finish it off. All of which were carefully measured, funneled into their own baggies, and heat sealed when completed. So many of our friends, family members, and complete strangers all gathered at the JRW corporate headquarters in Birmingham, AL on a Saturday morning to volunteer for the event, and, after a few minutes of getting to know each other, with hair nets and gloves strapped on, we were off!

We filled each bag, dancing along with the music and turning strangers into friends. Before we knew it, our time had come to an end, and, after filling up the last bag, we had packaged 25,056 meals. That was 5,056 more meals than the year before!

With the opportunity to distribute either locally, nationally, or internationally, we decided to donate the meals to those who had been affected by Hurricane Florence. Several of our customers and vendors work and live in the communities that were heavily affected by this disaster. On November 2nd, our very own Johnny Sheppard, a driver who just celebrated his 40th year here at JRW, so graciously volunteered to drive the meals over 600 miles to New Bern, NC. An area where at least 4,325 homes and 300 businesses are damaged due to Hurricane Florence. There, he was able to deliver the meals to a local church, Latitude Church, where volunteers were eagerly awaiting. From there, the Latitude volunteers were able to go out into the community and distribute the packaged meals to those in need.

Food is powerful.

It can make the difference between life or death to those in need. With the power of four simple ingredients, we were able to help make a difference in the lives of those affected by Hurricane Florence. And we had a little fun along the way too!

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