Browning Agents, Liquid Smoke, and More

Smoke-1At JRW, we are committed to not only sourcing and distributing the highest quality ingredients available, but also equipping our customers with the applications they need to succeed. We hope to answer many questions and further explain dry and liquid smoke through this post.

Dry and Liquid Smoke

Dry and liquid smoke products are shelf stable ingredients used in applications like deli meats, seasoning blends, beef jerky, pet food, bacon, smoked sausage, and hot dogs. They are intended to match the flavors of traditional smoke and provide manufacturers with improved safety, throughput, and product consistency.

Smoke flavors are suitable for a variety of application methods including atomization, drenching, direct addition, brine addition, and seasoning blends. This range gives processors the ability to utilize the ingredients without changing production methods.

Although most products are water soluble, some manufacturers use smoke oils. These additives still provide a robust, clean, smoked flavor and are suitable for applications that require an oil-based product.

Browning Agents

Liquid smoke does not provide the color or cooked appearance that traditional smoking generates. Because end consumers value the product “smoked” look, wood derived browning agents are used in many applications to produce a variety of colors. These products have little or no flavors associated with their use.

Smoked Sugar

Depending on labeling needs, some processors use natural smoked sugar. Smoked sugar is processed in a way to create a finished liquid product and it can be applied either internally or topically. It has different label requirements than other smoke flavored products.

Sourcing, Formulating, and Labeling

Lead times and manufacturer response times are often very long for processors using these products, and pricing stability has been a challenge in recent years.

Labeling and formulating are processor specific and require supplier expertise or an experienced internal R&D team.

If you need to solve sourcing security, labeling clarity, or pricing stability challenges, reach out here for JRW’s proven guidance or fill out the form below.

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