Distributing Effectiveness


Utilizing distributors to sell your product has many known benefits, including but not limited to:

• Expanded marketing and sales expertise
• Logistical management
• Access to an established customer base

Distributors (good ones, that is!) have proven their effectiveness time and time again. The question becomes:

“How can I maximize the potential I have with my distributor?”

As a sales professional for distribution, I am more excited about a product if the following has happened:

1. Training

Training on the product was novel and unique. The days are over for the dog and pony shows. The never-ending list of product benefits are already sitting in everyone’s back pocket. The key is to catch them off guard with something unique, something one of a kind. Present the product in a way that compliments the distributor’s personality. This may require more time and flexibility, but has extraordinary pay-offs.

2. Advantages are Displayed

The advantage over similar products is immediately evident. Chances are there are several other products like yours. If not, great! Start with why there is nothing like it. However, if there are competing products (like there is in most industries), there must be a reason why your product is particularly successful with customers. Focus on what those reasons are during your product introduction. It is even better if you can convey this in a tangible way.

3. I'm All In

I was personally sold on the product. If you are effective at sales, and I can bet you are, you should have no problem at all getting distributors on board with your products. If they wouldn’t use it themselves, you can’t expect them to be passionate enough about it to push the product with their customers.

4. Communication is Clear

Potential downsides to the product were clearly communicated. Nothing is worse than being caught off guard with negative feedback from a customer. It is important to equip your distributors with potential comments, complaints and push-back that could be received, and to provide them some solutions on responding to these challenges.

Using these approaches, while equipping your distributors with tools for success, will create a thriving relationship that will withstand the trials of time. Happy Distributing in 2019!

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