BBQing for Charity—No ifs, ands, or butts about it!

BBQing for Charity—No ifs, ands, or butts about it!

As a food ingredient distribution company, food is always on our minds. Day in and day out, we are committed to supplying our customers, and eventually the consumer, with the best ingredients available. Our meat scientists and technical director are devoted to be the thought leaders in our space, always creating and pushing the status quo. JRW is also fiercely committed to the well being of both our employees and our community as a whole. Food is always at the forefront of our efforts, so why would charity be any different?


One area of community outreach we love to participate in are local BBQ competitions. Each support a local charity, all of which have become dear to our hearts since we began competing. A few of our recent competitions have supported Habitat for Humanity, Breast Cancer Research of Alabama, and Children’s Harbor of Alabama. At each of these competitions, all of the proceeds go directly to the charities themselves. The combination of a heart for outreach in our own community and the love of fun and healthy competition drives each JRW employee that participates in our BBQ competitions.

Our most recent competition, on October 19th, supported Children’s Harbor of Alabama. This fantastic organization serves seriously ill children and their families through unique, no-cost services at both the Family Center located at the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children in Birmingham, AL, and at the Lake Martin retreat facility in Alexander City, Alabama. Children’s Harbor has been in service since 1989. Through their BBQ competitions and other fundraisers, Children’s Harbor is able to offer their retreat facility to patients and their families as a place to come together and reconnect, often outdoors, in a safe environment for children with various diagnoses at no cost to them. It is an organization we, at JRW, are privileged and thankful to support.

Our BBQ competitions are spearheaded by our own Andrew Allen, our lead Buyer here at JRW. Often winged by JRW Business Development & Technical Director, Benjy Mikel, and JRW Regional Sales Manager Amy Taylor. Not to mention the numerous JRW employees who also put in lots of time and effort to keep our ship running at our competitions. If you know BBQ, you know it takes a lot of patience and a lot of determination to get it just right. Andrew, Benjy, and Amy, along with others, have stayed out all night at times to make sure our hand rubbed butts are burning just the way they need to be.

And it seems like they’re doing something right. At our last competition, we won best butt, best ribs, best tent decoration, and overall grand champion for our division. Not to mention we had a lot of fun doing it. Our theme this year was John RRRR White, the pirates of Children’s Harbor, and most all of our employees committed to the bit, dressing up in their pirate best.

We served each of those who came out to the competition with a hearty smile and an eye patch. We even offered fried alligator to those who dared to try it. Here at JRW, we genuinely enjoyed participating in our community and had a lot of fun doing it. Stay tuned for our next BBQ competition.

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